Collaboration between ”Baku City Residence” and Latvian Real Estate Companies

Collaboration between ”Baku City Residence” and Latvian Real Estate Companies

Leading companies of Azerbaijani real estate market have achieved another milestone.

The Gateway to International Collaboration

The event, organized by four top real estate firms in Azerbaijan - "Pasha Property", "Baku CityResidence", "Seabreeze Real Estate", "PMD"  was a great success. 

Moreover, the representatives from Latvia's foremost construction companies took part in this significant event. During the meeting, attendees were engaged in discussions about contemporary urban planning, advancements in residential complex construction, and international insights within the industry. Azerbaijani representatives also shared their valuable experiences in construction sector investment with their Latvian colleagues. The event facilitated the exchange of ideas regarding current real estate trends and the integration of the latest technologies in construction.


About Baku City Residence

It's worth highlighting that "Baku City Residence" is a distinguished brand with a long-established presence and experience in Azerbaijan's real estate market. Combining innovation with convenience, "Baku City Residence" offers exceptional services catering all customer needs within a single location. 

"Baku City Residence" has successfully undertaken projects like "Baku City Residence Olympic," "Baku City Residence Khatai," "Bayil Bay," and "Yacht Club Residences," known for their focus on comfort and quality.

19 October 2023 - 12:05


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